Why Arch + Mo?

Say “Yes!”, more!

Toddlers are tough. They can be stubborn, limit pushing, and sometimes down right pull-your-hair-out frustrating. But they are also inquisitive, adventurous, and tenacious. As they explore their independence, they are constantly looking for new ways to grow their physical and mental capabilities. Based on the theories of Emmi Pikler and RIE philosophies, Triangles give your child the gift of autonomy.He or she will be able to safely and independently explore a structure that will challenge them and satisfy their sensory seeking desires to climb and explore.

Additionally, the Triangle will grow with your child as they reach new developmental milestones. Babies who are starting to pull up will use the rungs to steady themselves and will gain confidence by learning how to stand on their own without assistance.

Similarly, toddlers will begin exploring the triangle by climbing a few rungs at a time, eventually progressing to climbing all the way to the top and over to the other side.

And lastly, they will find their own creative uses - by throwing a sheet over the top converting it to a tent or reading nook, racing cars down the slide, or building a winding railway under and around it. The versatility is as limitless as your child’s imagination. The Triangle meets them where they are developmentally, and will have something to offer any child all the way through preschool age. And as a parent, being able to say “Yes!” to climbing, versus “Please don’t climb the table (couch, dog, walls, etc)” will strengthen and improve your relationship with your toddler as well.